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Land cargo shipments

Land cargo shipments are the most cost-efficient, and allow to transport complex cargo.

We ensure high-quality and reliable land shipments for full and consolidated cargo. Motor transport shipments provide the broadest possibilities for adapting to specific, non-standard cargo, choosing the most appropriate dimensions and type of trailer. Freeway Logistics will provide the most suitable solution for your cargo, based on your preferences, the cargo specifics, finances and time limit. 

sauszemes kravu pārvadājumi

For land shipments we offer:

  • Vehicles with ADR (hazardous cargo) permits – both everyday and simple cargo, for example, food flavoring, hair spray, perfume, etc., and hazardous cargo that contains toxic, explosive, radioactive and hazardous substances.
  • Refrigerator trucks with temperature control – for products that do not tolerate temperature changes, in order to prevent product freezing or thawing, according to the specifics of the cargo.

This includes products like:

  • food,
  • cosmetics,
  • medicine,
  • flowers,
  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • chemical products, etc.
  • Cargo transport for urgent (express) shipments –  we can ensure high-quality deliveries for a tight schedule. From a small packet to a full cargo. Often the content of an express delivery is a full standard truck, using two drivers to speed up the delivery.
  • Trucks with 100 and 120 cubic meter capacity – the capacity of a standard truck tarpaulin is 92 m3. If your cargo slightly exceeds this volume or height, Freeway Logistics may ensure standard cargo conditions when using a higher capacity truck, thereby saving you money and delivering the cargo with a single vehicle.
  • Vehicles for large-size cargo deliveries – different dimension platforms for standard and non-standard size cargo shipments. Anything that does not fit into a standard truck and exceeds the 3 standard dimensions – 92cbm, 100cbm, 120cbm, for example – heavy cargo shipments, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial structures, etc. 

How to choose the correct
cargo shipment service?

Tomass Zingis

Logistics specialist

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Inese Naumova, Freeway Logistics direktore

Inese Naumova


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Alvis Danovskis Freeway Logistics loģistikas speciālists

Alvis Danovskis

Logistics specialist

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Evelīna Vītola, Freeway Logistics Loģistikas speciālists

Evelīna Vītola

Logistics specialist

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Iļja Ņevmeržickis Freeway Logistics loģistikas speciālists

Iļja Ņevmeržickis

Logistics specialist

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Arnis Stempe

Logistics specialist

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Kristīne Gulbe Freeway Logistics Loģistikas speciālists

Kristīne Gulbe

Logistics specialist

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Armands Naumovs, Freeway Logistics Loģistikas direktors

Armands Naumovs

Director of Logistics

+371 26454218

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