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    International cargo shipments

    Freeway Logistics® can perform international cargo deliveries of any level of complexity – professionally and reliably. We take care of organizing the delivery and prepare all the required documentation, reducing the customer’s involvement in the delivery process to the minimum.

    Latvija 2019
    Latvija 2019
    Много лет сотрудничаем с Kravu pārvadājumi- freeway. Прекрасная, современная компания с отзывчивым и ответственным коллективом. Очень рекомендуем.
    Kristaps Zuzāns
    Kristaps Zuzāns
    Savas nozares speciālisti :) Visu to labāko!
    Andris Alehnovics
    Andris Alehnovics
    Ātri , kompetenti , atsaucīgi , prieks sadarboties!
    Vasilijs Samorodnovs
    Vasilijs Samorodnovs
    Ja Jums vajag atvest kravas, droši dariet to ar freeway Logistics, čaļi zin savu darbu.

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    From pallet to a full cargo, from simpleto hazardous types of cargo,
    by land, air or sea – our services include everything that
    is needed for efficient logistics solutions

    How to choose the correct
    cargo shipment service?

    Land shipments

    Land shipments are the most popular type of cargo shipment. They are particularly suited when you require timely door-to-door delivery, adapting the delivery process or avoiding cargo reloading, with the possibility to monitor the state of the cargo during the delivery. The costs of this type of delivery will suit any customer.

    Air cargo

    Air cargo shipments are often used for urgent cargo deliveries to remote destinations, when the speed of delivery is particularly important. Less frequently – for shipping hazardous and large-size objects between airports. The costs of this type of shipping are higher, however the delivery time is shorter – this can often result in financial savings in the end.

    Sea cargo

    Sea cargo shipments usually are used for intercontinental cargo flow between remote points. The delivery time for this type of transport will be greater but the costs will be lower, and it is guaranteed that your cargo will reach its destination intact. We will take care of any formal issues to make the process as simple as possible.

    Freeway Logistics® is a logistics company that focuses on providing logistics services, merchandise, raw material and other cargo shipments using various types of transport

    Advantages for ordering large-size cargo shipments from Freeway Logistics:

    Freeway Logistics provides an individual specialist for each customer who will ensure the quality of the cargo shipments

    Freeway Logistics customers can benefit from a broad range of platforms for large-size and non-standard size cargo shipments

    Freeway Logistics can combine large-size cargo, reducing the shipment costs

    Freeway Logistics ® has concluded on 30.09.2021. an agreement No. SKV-L-2021/305 with The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support under the activity “Promoting international competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund