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Long line of REF trucks

Refrigerator trucks with temperature control

Freeway Logistics ensures the required temperature control according to international standards and the specifics of the cargo

Freeway Logistics offers a high-quality transportation of food products, cosmetics, medicine and other goods with a stable temperature control or delivery using refrigerator trucks (REF). 

For REF shipments we offer:

  • a personal manager and consultant to facilitate an individual approach and improve communication;
  • an affordable price for the required service;
  • operative involvement in problem situations, solving any problems in order to always keep the customer satisfied.

Our team will gladly help you choose the most appropriate, safest and profitable solution for your products! 

Starptautiskie kravu pārvadājumi - REF auto (ilustratīva bilde) | Freeway

Refrigerator cargo shipments can also be used for products that need to avoid low temperatures in winter to prevent freezing, for example:

  • food;
  • motor oil, lubricants;
  • paints, varnish;
  • lubricants;
  • cosmetics, etc.

What are refrigerator trucks with temperature control?

Transportation with temperature control is required when different cargo requires different temperature conditions. Refrigerator trucks are intended for products that require maintaining constant temperature during transportation (both + and – degrees), in order to preserve product quality, for example:

  • for medicine, chemical products and freshly cut flowers, the air temperature must be maintained in the +2 ° С to + 8 ° С range;
  • cooled food products in a temperature of +4 ° С;
  • frozen products – in the temperature range from -17 ° С to -22 ° С.
Our experience

We have shipped the following products:

  • frozen berries;
  • seafood;
  • fruits;
  • chocolate;
  • medicine;
  • paint etc.

REF shipments are performed according to international regulations and standards.

How to choose the correct
cargo shipment service?

Tomass Zingis

Logistics specialist

+371 22724747

Inese Naumova, Freeway Logistics direktore

Inese Naumova


+371 26608374

Alvis Danovskis Freeway Logistics loģistikas speciālists

Alvis Danovskis

Logistics specialist

+371 27482777

Evelīna Vītola, Freeway Logistics Loģistikas speciālists

Evelīna Vītola

Logistics specialist

+371 27789051

Iļja Ņevmeržickis Freeway Logistics loģistikas speciālists

Iļja Ņevmeržickis

Logistics specialist

+371 27722644

Arnis Korņejevs Freeway Logistics Loģistikas speciālists

Arnis Stempe

Logistics specialist

+371 22075754

Kristīne Gulbe Freeway Logistics Loģistikas speciālists

Kristīne Gulbe

Logistics specialist

+371 23476191

Armands Naumovs, Freeway Logistics Loģistikas direktors

Armands Naumovs

Director of Logistics

+371 26454218

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