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Delivery of a used production device purchased in an auction from France to Latvia.

🚛 Izsolē iegādātas lietotas ražošanas iekārtas piegāde no Francijas uz Latviju.

❓ Why is it important to carefully select your cargo carrier?

💡Because, when buying goods from auctions in Europe, you often face loading and size problems. Freeway Logistics offers a service where our employees will ensure successful communication, coordination and work performance, starting from the cargo sender and ending with the cargo consignee.

🤝 Freeway Logistics is a reliable and safe cargo carrier that has worked in the international market for more than 10 years, ensuring honest and high-quality performance of tasks entrusted by the company’s customers.
We are together with out customer both in difficulties and in successes.

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Delivery of a new mobile home from Austria

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Freeway Logistics ® has concluded an agreement No. 17,2-5-L-2024/177 with The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support under the activity "Support for digitisation of processes", co-financed by the European Union.