Factors that affect freight rates

In each country there is an average freight price, on the basis of which it is possible to determine whether it is worth looking for a carrier with a more favorable price.
But why prices may vary significantly? First of all, the price will differ from the type of transport used for shipping, its availability and size. The price is also affected by the object being transported, the less secure and the more fragile, the higher the price may be. Also, the freight price is affected by the weight and dimensions of the load. All of these factors are taken into account in pricing, also the company’s reputation is important. These factors also affect the price in international freight transport.
What factors influence prices for international freight?
In order to find out the exact price of the freight, it is necessary to specify the type of goods, the route of the carriage, the desired mode of transport, etc. The price is also affected by the availability of the carriers own fleet, customs clearance services, warehouse services and much more. Market tandencies are important in particular, especially the quantity and ratio of import and export cargoes, which accordingly affects the availability of transport units.
There are higher risks in international freight transport, increases the requirements for document preparation at international level, also increases the possibilities in modes of transport. So it’s clear that international freight rates depend on a large number of variables.
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