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International cargo transport waybill (CMR)

What is a CMR?

It is a shipment contract, goods delivery document that is used for international cargo shipments. This document confirms that the carrier agrees to transfer the goods submitted by the sender from the loading location to the unloading location for a certain remuneration.

CMR form – download here

CRM forma

It is important to remember that each cargo requires a transportation accompanying document or cargo waybill. It serves as proof that the carrier assumes responsibility for the safe delivery of the cargo to the right location at the right time.

If you choose Freeway Logistics, our specialists will help you to draft the required documents in order for the cargo delivery to be successful.

How should the CMR form be filled out?

The CMR form must be filled out in a careful and legible way, avoiding mistakes in order to prevent misunderstandings or suspension of the cargo at the border control. When filling out the document, particular attention must be paid to a detailed and precise description of the cargo, as well as the loading, reloading and unloading addresses. You must indicate:

  • The date when the waybill is drafted;
  • Cargo sender and their address;
  • Cargo consignee and their address;
  • Designation of the goods;
  • Number of packaging units;
  • Gross weight of the cargo;
  • Loading and unloading location for the cargo;
  • The time when the carrier received the cargo, and other information connected with the shipment.
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