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Cargo labeling signs

marķēšanas zīmes

Cargo labeling is a very important and significant process that is required in order for cargo shipments to proceed efficiently and successfully. Labeling and the indicated manipulation signs supplement the cargo information and description so that during loading, shipping and unloading it would be clear how the specific cargo must be handled in order to guarantee maximum safety.

Labeling is required for all shipped cargo. Cargo labeling requires paying attention to the correctness of information, labels and marks, as well as compliance with different conditions.

Your cargo manufacturer is responsible for selecting the correct labeling for the cargo, while the specialists of our company will provide consultation and recommendations regarding cargo labeling and the choice of the correct signs, if we will suspect that the manufacturer hasn’t chosen the correct labeling.

What labeling is required?

  • The labeling must be easily visible and legible,
  • It must be resistant to atmospheric effects without significant deterioration of quality,
  • Specific cargo requires corresponding labeling, for example, on medium capacity containers whose volume exceeds 450 liters, the labeling must be placed on two opposite sides, etc.

Legal notification

The cargo labeling placed in this section of the homepage is only descriptive. These labeling signs are intended for use only for cargo transportation packaging. They may not copied, distributed, modified or used for sale. The user assumes full responsibility for correct use of these labeling signs. Freeway Logistics does not assume liability for the incorrect use of these signs, including their use that violates regulations.

Kravas marķējums - Sargāt no mitruma

Protect from humidity!

Must not be transported in open vehicles, must not get wet

Kravas marķējums - Temperatūras ierobežojums

Temperature limitation!

Indicates the temperature range for transporting the cargo

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Trausls, Trausla krava

Fragile, careful!

Indicates the fragility of the cargo. Protect from shock!

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Uz augšu - Norāda vertikālo virzienu

This way up!

Indicates the vertical direction of the cargo – for transportation and storage

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Smaguma centrs

Center of gravity!

Indicates the precise location of the center of gravity

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Iepakojuma stiprinājuma vieta

Location for fastening the packaging!

Indicates the precise location for fastening the packaging

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Sargāt no starojuma

Protect from radiation!

Any form of radiation may affect the properties of the cargo

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Sargāt no saules

Protect from sunlight!

Protect the cargo from heat and sunlight

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Atvērt šeit zīme

Open here!

Indicates the precise location where the packaging should be opened in order to unpack the cargo

Perishable cargo!

If the required storage and temperature is not ensured, it may be damaged

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Hermētisks iepakojums

Hermetic packaging!

Important to prevent the access of gases during transportation

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Kraut virsū aizliegts

Prohibited to load anything on top of cargo!

It is categorically prohibited to load one cargo on top of another

Tropical packaging!

The cargo cannot be damaged during transportation and storage

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Neripināt kravu

Do not roll!

It is prohibited to roll the cargo, as it may be damaged

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Nespiest šeit

Do not press here!

Indicates where the cargo may not be pressed or gripped

Press here!

Indicates where the cargo may be pressed or gripped

Kravas marķējuma zīmes - Uz ratiņiem nevest

Do not load on a carriage!

It is prohibited to use a carriage for transporting the cargo

Do not lift with hooks!

Indicates a prohibition to use hooks for raising the cargo

Toxic cargo!

Indicates that the cargo content is toxic

Flammable substances, gases!

The cargo contains flammable gases or substances, or substances and mixtures that emit flammable gases upon contact with water.

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