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Freeway Logistics – together with you for more than 12 years!

🎂 Today Freeway Logistics celebrates its 12th birthday! 🥳
🤝 THANK YOU to our customers, partners and friends for your cooperation – you are the best🎂

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 New project FOR EXPRESS DELIVERIES In the direction to/from Berlin and Hamburg. 1-2x week. We will transport express cargo with  temperature control (-20+20) or without it.Vehicle internal dimensions – 4.2×2.1×2.1, loading capacity 900 kg. www.facebook.com#cargoshipments #expressdelivery #deliveryfromgermany #shipmentsgermany

Agricultural and forestry equipment exposition

 The annual agricultural and forestry equipment exposition took place last weekend in the Rāmava Exposition hall . As usual, Freeway Logistics visited our customers and partners 

Freeway Logistics ® has concluded on 30.09.2021. an agreement No. SKV-L-2021/305 with The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support under the activity “Promoting international competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund